Friday, September 19, 2008

Triple Criss-Cross

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I almost named this post Triple X or XXX, but reconsidered after realizing the crowd that might inadvertently end up on our innocent blog via a google search. LOL So we'll call it triple criss-cross unless someone else already has a different name for it. I've been working on this "do" since I did the "x-braids" last week. I just wasn't sure what I wanted to do with the back. And since I really like low ponies in my daughter's hair, we just ended them by crossing the back braids into ponies. The braids actually cross 5 times by the end but you mainly see the three big ones. If you wanted to divide the back of the head into another 4 quadrants on either side, then you could easily keep going and do another set of x's.

Here's what I did...

First, wet hair down (very wet) because as braids dry it makes them tighter so that they'll stay in very well all day. Then divide the front section into 8 sections (4 quadrants on either side).
Then just start french braiding the first cross on one side like you did with the "x-braids" from last week. You can either keep braiding to the end or clippy it to the side of the head while you get the next braid ready.
Cross the other side over.
Braid down as far as you can (probably even more than I did in these pictures) and then elastic them off while you move to the other side of the head. Once both sides have their criss-cross braids in and are banded, make sure you have a good part in the back (zig-zag or straight or whatever you want). With this bunch of hair you can do anything you want--messy buns, braids, ponies, curls, you-name-it.
I did simple ponies, but I crossed the braids from either side before fastening the ponies up (you'll remove the braids elastics, too).
And this is when I realized that she wasn't wearing what she was supposed to be wearing today. Dumb mommy. So I carefully removed her shirt and put her outfit on before finishing off the braids with ribbon. I also added these little sunflower buttons by looping a bobby pin through the back of the buttons and sliding the bobby pins into her hair. Voila!

Full-sized "grandparent photos" for printing can be found by clicking HERE (and I must say I'll miss taking all of these beautiful outdoor shots one the snow rolls in). Here's a tiny embedded slideshow that I'll take down in a few days:


prettyprettyprincesshair said...

Oh my!!! That one looks cool!!Is it too hard to make? My princess doesn't have very long hair and it is not thick either....

Joann said...

I love that one! I REALLY wish I was good at french braiding! But, I am practicing, so maybe some day!

Millie @ The Busy Butlers said...

I LOVE it! I think I'll try it Sunday in Caroline's hair!

♥ Boomer ♥ said...

I love the pictures today! I love the triple criss-cross! I love the flowers! I love the Brayla Girl and I miss her so much!!!


Bowznstuff said...

WOW - you rocked those braids!!!! Fabulous job - I just found your blog- off to link to you :)

Devri said...

I have never tried this before, I will try to attempt it tommorow.. and maybe even give you a shout out for it on my hairsourlife.. ;)

ps. I have design a few lion (cute blog templates if you would like to see them, email me.... thanks