Saturday, October 25, 2008

Hip, Hip, Hooray & a Hazy Hint of Hair

I am SO excited. Our digital camera is on its way (via Priority Mail). Woohoo! Thank you all for hanging with me while we tried to find something affordable. I HAVE been doing hair while without a real camera for three weeks. Nothing really "new" per se, but at least I haven't forgotten how to play with manes. Aren't you relieved? :wink: To prove it, I took a few snapshots with my daughter's "princess" digital camera. Yeppers, when you click on these babies, they are at FULL resolution. So you can obviously understand why I didn't attempt to use it to show how I did anything these last three weeks. And to think that around 2002, this was the only kind of camera we had in our classrooms (provided by our schools). It's amazing how far we've come in the last decade. Whew!

Okay,'s a blurrrrrrry glimpse of some of our "off duty" hair shots this month:

I have a couple Halloween-ish things I wanted to share, so if the camera gets here in time, I'll take a day to do those "dos" and snap a couple shots for you all. If you keep up with some of the other hair bloggers on my sidebar, there are many other darling Halloween ideas brewing there, too!!

Monday, October 20, 2008

CONTINUAL Fall Giveaways...

While we're waiting on our new camera, I figure I should at least let you all know about some giveaways going on in the world of girl hair. I'll add more girl hair giveaways on this post until I start posting our new styles again.

Cutie Ties is doing a giveaway on Little Birdie Secrets with a package deal of about $35 worth of girl hair stuff. Cutie Ties are adorable headbands with interchangeable bows and flowers. Go HERE to see how you can enter. This giveaway ends Friday, October 24th at 11:59pm (thanks Rodgers!).

Green Daily is giving away an eco hairdryer valued at $159. Go HERE to find out how to enter. I'd really appreciate it if you'd let them know that Miller Manes sent ya. :) Ends 5pm ET Friday, October 24th.

UnBELIEVable! Check out this perfect Halloween "costume" from Grosgrain Fabulous. Kathleen does absolutely gorgeous work. This latest dress is just perfect for your little girl's dolled-up hair. Go check it out: Grosgrain: Marie-Thérèse Gown GIVEAWAY!!!!

Angelina Mia Bambina is doing a giveaway on Story of a Princess and Her Hair. Go HERE and follow her instructions to enter this giveaway--you can be entered up to FOUR (4) times. The winner will be announced Thursday, October 23rd.

Sadie's Crafts is having a Christmas girl hair giveaway. Go HERE to enter their contest!

Chicy Creations is having a hairbow and headband giveaway this week. Go HERE to see what you need to do to enter. Have fun!

ENDED~Oh So Girly is having a Halloween hair giveaway. PLEASE be sure to tell them that I sent ya because I'll win something, too, if I send the most peeps. I hunt these giveaways every day and one day I hope to win something for it. Heehee! So go HERE to win. The drawing is this Friday (17th).

ENDED~Shenandoah Costume GIVEAWAY !!!!!!! Oh. My. Goodness. Isn't this the cutest?! This dress is just calling out for some fancy girl hair to go with it. Good luck!

ENDED~All Things Ribbon are doing a giveaway on Girly Do's blog. You could win a $25 gift certificate which will go A LONG WAY on her site. Be sure to go HERE (and please don't forget to tell her that Miller Manes sent you as she's keeping tabs on which girl hair sites send her the most referrals and doing a prize for the one who sends the most). I'm not sure when this one ends.

ENDED~Devri over at Hair's Our Life is doing a brand new giveaway of an adorable Itsy Bitsy Spider HERE. Head on over there and let her know I sent ya. She'll announce winners Tuesday!

ENDED~AJs Bowtique is giving away some bows. You just have to go and pick out your favorite of the 10 she's put up. Go HERE to see and leave a comment.

ENDED~Bows by Christine is doing a Halloween bow giveaway, too! There are three chances to win--either a headband bow, a set of korker bows, or a flower bow. Go HERE to see what she has and be sure to leave a comment!

ENDED~This and That Craft is doing a crocheted flower hat giveaway HERE. Go take a look and leave a comment!

ENDED~Rockin' Shorty Hairstyles just listed an adorable Itsy Bitsy Spider giveaway. CUTE! Go check it out HERE and be sure to leave her a comment.

ENDED~Kellie at Mere Motherhood made some cute little Halloween hair clippies she's giving away. But you've gotta enter quickly. The contest ends TODAY (10-10). Go HERE to enter.

Again, I'll keep adding more here until we get our camera up and running. Thanks for sticking with me y'all! I can't wait to start posting again!

Saturday, October 4, 2008

I Dropped the Camera

Okay, so no new post for several days. Time to fess up. I dropped my digital camera and it broke. Yes, completely. The lens won't even come out anymore. I've been sick, sick, sick over this. I mean, the camera wasn't worth much. It's just a point n' shoot. But since we're both students (hubby is still working on his dissertation) with three young children around, it's gonna be some work coming up with another $50-$100 for another usable camera for the time being. Our long-term goal was to save toward a nice one, but we'll need something in the interim (preferably another point-n-shoot with short video options).

If anyone has any ideas on a quick, CHEAP and yet decent one for blogging purposes, please email me (teachertools at gmail dot com) or leave a comment. Thanks in advance! I do have a few pictures on file from other dos we've done that I may post soon. But for now I'm in the "poor me" stages. Guess I'd better lick my wounds and get back in the ballgame soon. Thanks for hanging around, y'all!