Thursday, September 4, 2008

It Begins...

Alrighty. I'm finally committed to doing something fun with Brayla's long, thick hair each day. She LOVES it. I mean, in the beginning (you know the 30 minutes of detangling) she wasn't so crazy about the pulls and pushes or the "turn your head this way" and "can you please stop moving while I snap a picture" requests ('cause Lord knows no one will ever believe I did this unless I document it in photos). But in the end, she swishes her hair around, adoring herself in the mirror, and asks me if she could wear her hair this way forever.

So here's how I did this first one... (warning: there are a TON of pictures in this first post)

First, we got out our hair supplies and picked up a few new ones (I've got my eye on a few things we'd like to get on down the road for birthdays and Christmas). Hi Brandon! :waves:

Next, we detangled, dampened and parted the top section off for later.

Next, I french braided the little side braids (to get the little side hairs over her ears) and then regular braided those down the back. Then I did one braid down the middle with different colored bands. And finally, I undid the top section of hair, made it into a pony tail and then braided that.

Then I just turned the top braid into a tight bun and fastened it with another band.

She loved it so much--she pranced around the house, flipping her braids around. Later she brought me her tiara and said she should probably wear that with her hair.

So we put a yellow bow in it to match her yellow shirt.

And then she wanted to try a red bow. This is all so much fun!

So, I'm kinda hooked. This gives us a good 15-20 minutes alone each day. So we set up this new blog to record our hair adventures on each week. We hope to see you around here often. And don't forget to leave us comments or send us an email at teachertools at gmail dot com (even pictures if you have a new hair idea!).

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