Monday, September 8, 2008

Colorful, Criss-cross, Braided Hair!

These "dos" always looked like they'd be more difficult than they are. What it DOES take is lots of clips to section off hair. Here's my process in pictures (if pictures are worth a thousand words then maybe I should stop talking):

I parted her hair down the middle and then divided each side into four sections. At this point, make sure the hair is good and damp so there are no fly-aways while you're preparing to use lots of bands/elastics.

Then each of those four divided sections get divided in half to start the ponies. Each side of the head ends up with 6 ponies and they criss-cross twice.

Once you hit the end of the last criss-cross, use the last section of hair and the two ponies and simple braid the rest down the back. Then, as you see in the finished photo at the very top, I added ribbon at the bottoms (and I also left a lot of hair dangling instead of braiding all the way to the ends).

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