Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Cornrows and Two Low Ponies

Today I was just interested in trying out some cornrows. I've never done them before, so this was fun. To start, I parted her hair down the middle and then from ear to ear (into four quadrants). In the front two sections, I parted each side into threes (for three cornrows). My camera was on a strange setting, but here's a picture of how we started:

As I hit the parted area (from ear to ear) then I stopped french braiding and just regular braided the hair on out and clipped it to the low pony in the back. If you're dealing with long hair, you could also do a criss cross of these braids and put the braids from the front left section into the low pony on the right section or vice versa. Here's a close-up shot.
And I suppose I should end with a few outdoor shots. We've had the most beautiful weather this week--low 70s and just as sunny as ever until a short storm hits each evening. So we got outdoor and had some fun.

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k said...

Now THAT is cute!