Thursday, December 11, 2008

Christmas Tree and a ♥GIVEAWAY♥

We've really been in the holiday spirit lately--baking cookies, burning the fireplace, lighting candles, setting up our Christmas village, wearing our thick footed PJs, etc. For fun over the last week we've done several Christmas hairstyles including this Christmas tree hair do. Fearing that my little blog has been forgotten, I almost didn't post this. But who knows...maybe someone else can use and enjoy it.

First, pull up the front hair into a top knot (a top knot is when you do a half pony kinda up on top of the head near the back).

Next, part the hair left in the back down the middle and keep each section separated.

Then let down one side in the back and take half of the top knot pony and start braiding down one side.

If you just want it to end in low ponies then elastic it off at the bottom. Or you can braid all the way down. We've done this both ways, so it's just a matter of preference. Now let down the other side and take the remainder of the top knot and do the same thing on the other side.

Now it's just time to decorate. Get out your ribbon (I think the thinner ribbon looks better, but I've tried the thicker), get out some cute buttons, put beads on bobby pins (or, better yet, use those cool little things Babes In Hairland showcased this week--gotta get my hands on some of those!), or what about these cool miniature Christmas lights (available at craft stores)?

Use whatever you'd like... And I know this isn't perfect, but you get the idea. What I REALLY wish I had was a cute star clip to put at the very top. It really would have been that final touch.

And how about this GAUDY version? Who says you can't involve little brothers and sisters in the decorating. In this one we used little clippies, big ribbon, beads, etc. I guess it's all about turning heads, eh? LOL!

I'm sorry that I've been SO out of the hair blogging world the last few weeks. First, I've just been extremely busy with all of my other work. Second, I still don't like this blog background (my daughter really loves horses/ponies, so I'm looking for something horse-like in case someone knows of something out there).

Now...for the GIVEAWAY!

Head on over to Busy Butler's Boutique. My in-real-life-friend Millie recently began making her own bows for her daughter. Due to continual compliments around our cozy village, she's now making them to sell. YAY! And this week is your lucky week because she's giving away two SETS of bows:

Each Bow Bundle will include:
1 set of Deluxe Hair Bows on Alligator clips
2 sets of "Bitty" snap clips - either bows or blossoms or one of each
1 "Baby Band"

All you have to do is visit her and leave a comment sharing a short "mom & me" memory. And you can actually get up to FOUR entries by following her directions. So go HERE now. Tell her I sent you over, too! This giveaway ends Friday at midnight (I'm assuming that actually means 11:59pm and not 12:00am which would actually be tonight). GO! GO! GO!


♥ Boomer ♥ said...

I love the new do's!!! Adorable! Just adorable!

Millie @ The Busy Butlers said...

Thanks, Shaye! I have a little present for you... :)

Princess Hairstyles said...

This is so creative and cute!!

CathyBB said...

Hi there - I'm new to your site but I just had to say how cute! I have a package of little decorative Christmas lights like that ... and I NEVER would have thought of them as hair accessories. Ahhh I have so much to learn! ;)